Dan Has Been Homed


Dan on the sofa

Dan has been homed.

He is an average sized, confident and friendly, black, castrated male who was born in April 2007.

dan black greyhound

Dan Greyhound with his foster sister Maisie Spaniel

Dan can walk nicely on a lead, but he is powerful if his chase instinct is triggered by passing wildlife. He accepts wearing a Canny Collar well and this would aid control if Dan’s strength was a concern to someone.

He has met other breeds of dog and has given us no cause for concern around them. He is in foster care with a cocker spaniel who he shares life with quite happily.

Dan the greyhound standing

Dan would be fine as an only dog or as a companion to another canine of medium size and above.

Dan has no problems being left for reasonable periods, he can walk easily on laminate flooring and he can negotiate stairs.

No cats please.

He’d suit a family with teenage children or an adult only home. Quiet home or lively home, Dan would suit either.

Here are some interesting snippets that have been passed on to us by Dan’s foster mum:

Dan can curl up really small inside an armchair, but he’s just as happy to share a sofa with you.

Dan does love his toys, a jolly good chew and a game with toys keeps this lad a happy dog. Beware though he’s extremely hard on soft toys and a favorite pass time of Dan’s is to un-stuff those.

Dan is unusual for a greyhound in that he actually likes having his teeth brushed, he also likes to cool his feet by standing in puddles and he enjoys going for walks in the rain too!

Need a garden roller? Adopt Dan, he loves to roll in grass and occasionally his walks can be very slow as he’s too busy rolling to bother with walking.

What a character! Consider adopting Dan and maybe you’ll find out what other quirks of character he has.


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