Dotty Has Been Homed


Dotty has been homed, 9/12/17.

She is a medium, friendly, affectionate girl who was born on 4th April 2013.

Dotty enjoys going out for walks, she can get over excited to begin with but then settles down next to you to enjoy the new smells.  She is happy to jump into the car for her outings.  She recognises her own name and will come to you when you call her.

She would be happy to be an only dog or a companion to a male greyhound, she can be a little shy around dominant female greyhounds.  Dotty has been tested around other breeds of dog and she could live with a medium size dog.  She needs some further training around smaller breeds of dog before she will accept them as a friend.  She would be able to live with children over the age of 12 years due to her over excitement and her shyness at times.

She loves playing with toys and people, Dotty is an inquisitive girl and loves to find out what is going on around her.  She also likes to counter surf, however she responds very well to the words ‘no’ and ‘off’.

Dotty is a new arrival as of 8/11/17 as we get to know her better more information will be made available.

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