Adopt Annie the Greyhound as Your Pet


Annie is in foster care near Fleet, Hampshire.

She is a medium size, white and black, female who was born in July 2013.

Annie loves going for walks, she is happy to jump into the car for her outings and settles down nicely ready for the off!  She is a very special girl and has soft pads, Annie needs to wear her boots when out on her walks so she can still enjoy her outings and she also looks rather smart too!

She is now fully housetrained and makes her human friends aware when she needs to go outside.  Annie is a good eater and enjoys her mealtimes!  She is able to walk on a range of flooring including laminate, carpet and tiles.

Annie loves to chase after a toy that is thrown, her particular favourite is a tennis ball, she enjoys collecting all toys on her bed!  She can get a little over excited when playing, she is learning the boundaries of the house and where she can have ‘rough’ play!  She is very good at rearranging her bed and deciding where she would like to lay down!  A special girl is our Annie.

She is currently living with two male greyhounds whilst in foster care.  Annie has a habit of trying to wake them up for playtime, what a cheeky girl she is!

She could live with a family who have older teenagers who could become her playmates, or in a calm, adult only home.  No young children for this girl.  Annie needs someone who is around most of the day and a greyhound/dog friend to be in her adoptive home to keep her company.

Annie would be able to live with a medium size male dog, she needs further socialisation with smaller breeds but given time she will accept them as friends.  Annie prefers male dogs and feels less threatened by them.  She is very responsive to training and listens to her handler.

No cats please.

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