Adopt Cinders the Greyhound as Your Pet


Cinders is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, she was born in October 2013.

She is a friendly, lively and playful black, bitch, she loves her food and gently takes treats from you.

Cinders can walk nicely on a lead when she is wearing a Canny Collar. She has a developed chase instinct so walking her you do need your wits about you and a strong arm in the event she spots some interesting wildlife.

Currently she isn’t quite sure what toys are, although gets quite interested in the noise that some of them make.  She loves her cuddles and will lap up all the attention!

Cinders would suit an adult only home or one with older teenagers. She would be fine as an only pet or a companion to a male greyhound/medium to large size other breed of dog.

She has met other breeds of dog and she needs considerable more training and socialisation before she will accept smaller dogs as friends.

No cats please.

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