Adopt Ferret the Greyhound as Your Pet


Ferret is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire.

He is a muscular, affectionate, male who was born in October 2012.

Ferret loves going on a walk, he can get a little over excited initially and needs reminding to walk nicely.  Once out he will trot along, however can be strong if his chase instinct is triggered.

He is happy to jump into the car for his outings and settles down quickly ready for the off.

Ferret is a happy boy, he loves to know what is going on around him and especially enjoys a cuddle from his human companions.

He could be an only dog or a friend to a female greyhound.  Over the coming weeks we will be helping Ferret to accept smaller breeds of dog as friends.  He would be able to live with children 10 years and over.

Ferret is a new arrival as of 1/6/17 as we get to know him better more information will be made available about him.

No cats please.

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