Adopt Merlin the Greyhound as Your Pet


Merlin is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he was born in January 2015.

He is a slightly reserved, gentle, black male. Merlin needs a confident owner who will earn his trust and he will then enjoy being made a fuss off.

Merlin is currently not interested in toys but with time he may learn that you can have fun with them.

He enjoys his walks and is keen to get on the move, he can forget his manners whilst waiting for his lead to be attached but once out on his walk he will walk nicely next to you, enjoying all that he sees but can get excited if he sees something of interest.

Merlin would be best suited to a quiet adult only home or with older teenagers and he could be a companion to another greyhound or larger breed of dog.

He is a boy who loves his food, but watch out as he is a counter surfer and is quite happy to take off with a plate or bowl which may be sitting on the side!

He can be a little scared in new environments and will need time and a quieter home to get used to all of those household sounds.

Merlin has met other breeds of dog and he currently needs a considerable amount of training and socialisation before he will accept smaller breeds of dog as friends.  He is going to need an owner who is willing to take on this responsibility.  Merlin can get very excitable, strong and will react when he sees other breeds.  We will be training him over the coming weeks with our smaller breeds to help him see them as friends.

He is a new member to our kennels, as of 25/8/18, as he grows in confidence we will be able to update his page further.

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