Lady's Greyhound Blog - Part 8

Sunday 16th January 2011

Week 5.

Dear Greyhound Lifeline

Monday 10th

I’m really in now, when we go out I run rings around them until I’m ready to go back on the leash. Joan’s friends catch me sometimes in the early morning, I don’t try to bully poor old Barny (Westy) anymore.

John knows my weakness I almost always give in to him and go for the tasty tit-bit he holds out.

I met more weird hounds today, wasn’t sure about meeting the four of them John held me and reassured me that they were friendly. I earned another tasty morsel there too.  After that I really went exploring. I did have a new red coat which everyone admired. They won’t any more, I ran between and under the burnt out gorse bushes today and now John said it looks as though somebody has scribbled all over me [my] coat with thick charcoal.

It is so mucky out, I have to have my feet wiped when I come home. I don’t mind at all, anything to humour them.  I just like my fun when I want it. I really fooled him yesterday. He takes me out into the garden sometimes [often] for a wee and poo, I just lay down, so he assumed I didn’t want to go, he started to go back indoors but I ran to the front lawn and did a poo. Now that’s confused him! He thought he was clever and discerned the signs. Got ‘im!  Another one to me!

The rotters! They went shopping and left me at home, I really checked their bags out when they came back, they said there was something for me but I wasn’t given anything. Yet.

Tuesday 11th

Shock horror!!!   When we got home after the early morning walk Joan kept me in the kitchen and told me that I would have to go back!!!  I mean!!! Its shocking and upsetting.  All I did was to play in a large deep puddle, while they all laughed at me.  I was wet through, even the inside of my warm coat was dripping and my House Collar was wet too. They both wiped me down, legs and underneath, then dried me off all over. Joan told John that one of her friends, the one with Tilly(Whippet) and Turbo(Lurcher), said Greyhounds are not supposed to do that.  Why not? I wondered.  When I had my petting session with John after breakfast I needed a lot of reassurance from him, he kept talking, I haven’t a clue what he was saying except that he said Joan was joking – I hope so!  But he sounded nice and comforting, so I just licked him and told him to carry on, and on, and on. I behaved myself when I took him out later, although I did show off to some new people with their slow mutt.

Wednesday 5th

Another pub lunch and I became the topic of conversation with a couple on the next table and on another table as we left, where the old lady said I LOOKED like a racer but the problem was, my folk didn’t look like the racing type. John wondered if he needs to wear brogues, tweed, and a deer-stalker – or flat cap! He’s nuts, he still wouldn’t look the type.

Thursday 6th

I was VERY naughty today, I ran wide rings round John, in and out of the gorse and through the woods, (well really a couple of spinneys) and refused to answer his call and his whistle for ages. When I did go back he clipped the lead back on.  Heavy machinery had moved onto Tom’s Down it was by the entrance gate getting ready to bury a new power cable across the Down. He didn’t want me getting mixed up in that as we walked back to the gate.    I just show him who’s boss every now and then.

Friday 7th

Feeling off today! Refused my food. Pulled leaves off the trailing ivy plant and petals from the Ponsietta, didn’t like the taste so I dropped them around. Ate grass while waiting for John, he said it was a sign of my tummy being out of sorts.  I felt better by evening and started eating again.

Saturday 8th

I was great again last night. At bed-time, when they came into the bedroom,  I jumped off Joan’s bed onto mine and lay down. They were amazed.  Oh praise they gave me, wow!  John gave me both my tit-bits – half a small doggy sausage. When they really came to bed I was back on top again and I wouldn’t shift until he enticed me down with another half-sausage, and another half to lie down. So, you see I got double! Gotcha! Another one to me, don’t you think?

Lots of Love


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