Roman Has Passed to Rainbow Bridge

Roman 19.08.2015 – 03.08.2018.

We regret to advise that our lovely boy Roman passed to Rainbow Bridge this morning.

Roman went to the vet and as part of another procedure we asked the vet to investigate his throat area for problems. Roman had been making some unusual and worrying snorting sounds, albeit he did not seem unwell at all.

Whilst Roman was under anesthetic it was discovered that he had multiple problems: a cleft palate, zero soft palate (meaning his mouth went directly into his nasal cavity) and he only had half of his larynx actually functioning too.

Roman we were told was at high risk of choking to death whilst simply eating or drinking and he was also at high risk of developing heat exhaustion due to insufficient oxygen intake. (This diagnosis now explains why he was rushed to the vets for immediate treatment earlier this month suffering heat stroke from light exercise, in shade, on a not overly hot day). Roman could have passed away at any time in a most terrifying and painful manner for him.

The vet recommended that we let Roman go and after some discussion we agreed that this was the only humane thing we could do for him.

Run free Roman, you were such a lovely, good natured boy who would have made someone a wonderful family pet if you’d not had such a combination of life threatening conditions.

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