Forever Home

Forever Home

Hooray! It came for me, my forever home
It simply is the BEST place I have ever known.
That is my lead, on its hook by the door,
There is my water bowl raised off of the floor,
That is my treat tin up on that shelf up there,
This is the sofa the two legs and I share.
That is my bed, deep, warm, cosy and snug,
My box of toys right there on the rug.
I have my very own garden where I go and run,
The two legs and I out there have such fun.
The food here is great, once a week I get fish
The odd piece of chicken finds its way to my dish.
An occasional chunk of cheese, I savour the taste
But you must remember to watch my waist!
I go up and down stairs whenever I please
Lay my head on my owner’s lap and knees.
This is where I belong and shall stay
My home is forever not just for today!

Author: Tracy Errington

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