Resources and links

On this page you will find a mixture of web site links and collected resources that you may find useful. If you find a web site or resource you think could be listed here please do contact us!

External Links

  • Retired Greyhounds Trust – Homing retired greyhounds Nationwide.
  • Pound Puppy Rescue – A rescue that helps dogs, cats and rabbits. Based in Poole, Dorset.
  • SOS Dog Rescue – An all breed rescue group based in Woking, Surrey and Newmarket, Suffolk.
  • Greyhound Data – A very useful resource where you should be able to find your greyhound’s five generation pedigree and race history (if he/she has raced).
  • Greythealth – An American web site, packed with useful greyhound information.
  • K9 Matters – Qualified dog trainers/behaviourists working in Hampshire and Surrey. Group classes or one to one help. As used by Greyhound Lifeline who highly recommend their services!
  • Healthspan – A supplier of fairly priced health supplements. Flexi-joints are the most reasonably priced canine glucosamine and chondroitin supplement that we have found to date. Reliable delivery too.
  • Grassmere Animal Hospital – An American web site packed with useful greyhound information.
  • Dog Friendly Britain – Find the places where you and your dog will be welcome to holiday, eat out etc.
  • Portsmouth Retired Greyhounds – Homing retired greyhounds and based near Liss, Hampshire.
  • Greyhound Walks – A group of greyhound and lurcher owners and lovers who regularly meet for an hours stroll, chatter and the sharing of doggy tales in and around Essex and Suffolk.
  • Dignity Pet Crematorium – A small, independent, family owned service. Dignity only carry out individual pet cremations which means that your pet will be handled with respect, care and dignity at all times.
  • Rescue and Animal Care – A publication that helps promote rescued animals (dogs, cats, horses etc)that are in need of good homes.
  • Greyhound Rescue – A useful greyhound related resource centre.
  • Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue – Dedicated to helping to find good homes for abandoned, abused or neglected greyhound and lurchers.
  • Doglost – Doglost is an internet resource where stolen or missing dogs (all breeds) appear. Details of dogs missing, found and safely re-united with their owners are all available and posters can also be printed out for display in your area. If you have ever lost or found a dog this is a very useful site to visit.
  • Hyperdrug – The reasonably priced canine chemist. First aid products, medicines, flea and worm treatments are just a few of the products available for dogs, people and many other animals too.
  • Support Adoption for Pets – Run by Pets at Home who help all sorts of different rescue’s publicise and fundraise for the animals in their care.

General Information

Join Greyhound Lifeline on Facebook

Greyhound Lifeline are on Facebook, please come and visit us there.

Sponsor an Official RGT Sponsored Greyhound

Please visit The Greyhound Trust’s Sponsorship page where more details about sponsoring can be found.

Choosing a Boy or Girl Greyhound

Boy or Girl highlights the common problem in greyhound rescue and re homing of finding homes for the greyhound males. Perhaps after reading through the page you might give equal consideration to adopting a boy.

10 Facts About Greyhounds

Things you may not know

  1. Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dog in existence. They can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour over a short distance.
  2. In 1014 AD the English Forest Laws stated that only noblemen could own and hunt with Greyhounds. To kill a greyhound was punishable by death, the same sentence as for murder.
  3. Racing Greyhounds are bred for speed. They are therefore not susceptible to the congenital defects or temperament problems of many other breeds of dog. Generally only the fastest, healthiest and most even tempered animals are used as breeding stock.
  4. Queen Victoria and King Henry VIII kept greyhounds.
  5. Most greyhounds are physically unable to sit. A few can manage the sit, but for most the length of their back and their heavily muscled hind legs make the position impossible or at the least uncomfortable.
  6. Greyhounds have a short and almost odourless coat which moults less compared to other breed of dog. This means that sometimes greyhounds can be suited to live with people who are commonly allergic to other breeds of dog.
  7. Greyhounds are known as 40mph “couch potatoes” and this is a very appropriate term. Greyhounds can sprint extremely fast, but equally they do like their beds and a good snooze session.
  8. Greyhounds have stereoscopic vision, which means they are ideally suited to seeing moving objects. It is not uncommon for a greyhound to focus purely on the object it is chasing and subsequently “not see” the tree trunk or fence it runs into.
  9. The Greyhound is the only breed of dog mentioned in The Bible. Proverbs 30, verses 29-31.
  10. A cautionary note: Greyhounds are highly addictive. Commonly once a greyhound owner always a greyhound owner and it’s very common for one greyhound pet to suddenly become 2, 3 or more greyhound pets!

Got any more Greyhound facts you would like to share? Please leave a comment.