Adopt Captain the Greyhound as Your Pet


Captain is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire.

He is a confident, very friendly, black male who was born on the 2nd January 2014 .

Captain loves his outings and travels well.  He can get very excited as soon as he knows it’s walking time and hasn’t learnt if you stand still your lead will be put on faster!

He loves to play, Captain will fetch a ball, not always bringing it right back to you but will catch it mid air!  He would play for hours with a ball or a soft cuddly toy.  Do you enjoy a game of tennis or football?  This could be the boy for you.

Captain with his love for footballs!

Captain has lots of energy to burn off!  Do you like running or walking?  You could have a new companion called Captain!

“I’m flying”

“I’m a little sandy now after all this playing. Time for a wash down!”

Captain loves people and when calm he will stand nicely for a fuss to be made of him.  He knows his name and especially when it is food and treat time!

He would be fine as an only pet or as a companion to a laid back larger dog in an adult home (or one with teenagers) and he’d be fine to be left unattended for a few hours. He is learning to walk nicely on a lead, with a Canny collar but has the potential to be strong if he’s chase instinct is triggered.

Captain and Chloe

During our weekly other breed training sessions he has shown how responsive he is to his handler, although his isn’t 100% comfortable around other breeds yet, he is able to listen and respond to the commands given to him which are helping him over come his fears of smaller dogs when he is out and about.

No cats/small fluffies please.

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