Adopt Coyote the Greyhound as Your Pet


Coyote has a viewing on 26.9.20.

Coyote is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 3rd September 2020 and he was born on the 23rd May 2016

He is a very friendly, fun, loving, energetic brindle boy.  If you live a sporty life or like to be in the countryside then this chap is one for you!  He also loves to sunbathe!

Coyote enjoys going out for his walks, he can be a little strong initially but then will trot along near you, however his chase instinct can be triggered by the wildlife around him. He is also able to jump into a car for his outings and enjoys being alongside his human friends on each new adventure.

He loves to be around people, having a lot of fuss and cuddles. Coyote is a very affectionate boy and will snuggle into you gently for an ever lasting hug! He loves his food and will always eat his meals.  This boy will ensure that his bowl is shiny afterwards and he can also take treats gently from his human companion.  How can you not love Coyote?

Coyote can have a sensitive tummy, although he would eat anything that you gave him!  He is now having a grain free, kibble food and we are all happy with the outcome!  Watch out for this lad in the kitchen, he can be a counter surfer, if he isn’t watched and you may see a little bit of his naughty but fun side shine through!

This cheeky lad could be homed as a companion to another dog of medium size and above or in a home of his own. He would be fine to be left for a few hours whilst someone worked if he had a doggie friend with him.

Coyote has been tested with other dogs and he would love to play with them, however due to his bounciness he is not quite sure how to play with a smaller dog.  His owner needs to continue the training that has begun around other breeds until he has learnt how to behave around them.

Coyote could be homed with children over the age of 10 years.  We are currently teaching him to keep his four paws on the floor and save his strength for playing with his toys.  His fovourite game is to come racing towards you and just, if you are lucky, swerve at the last moment to miss you!  This cheeky, loveable bundle can wipe any sad faces away, with all his funny antics.

You can 100% be reassured that this lad loves to play, this does not always involve toys, if you like to jump around and play bow with a greyhound then you have one dog that would love to be homed with you!  Who will be worn out first – human or Coyote!

Coyote can get very stressed behind closed doors, so much so he makes himself all hot and bothered, poor boy.  To help this lad he would prefer to be able to see what is going on around him, through baby gates or windows, this doesn’t mean he has to be with his human 24/7.  Coyote likes to have his own time, napping and playing but just doesn’t like that SOLID DOOR to spoil his day.

We will update his page with more of his wish list soon.

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