Adopt Dynamo the Greyhound as Your Pet


Dynamo is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 24th July 2019 and he was born on 16th May 2016.

He is a friendly fawn with white spots lad, who just wants to snuggle up to someone for a cuddle!  A very affectionate boy indeed!

Dynamo enjoys walking time with his human friends.

He also enjoys his car trips but he does need help getting into a car.

Dynamo has met our doggie friends, he does need to learn some greeting manners with smaller dogs before he will accept them all as friends.  We will work with him on this over the coming weeks.

Dynamo enjoys playing, he will chase after a thrown toy and tries to bring it back to you to throw again, I think some more training on this is needed!  He is rather partial to a tennis ball and enjoys running after, catching and making his own games up with one. Any tennis players around needing a partner to play against?  Look no further Dynamo may be your man!

He could live with another medium/large breed of dog or be an only dog, left for a few hours during the day or homed with children over the age of 10 years.

No cats please.

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