Adopt Fearghal the Greyhound as Your Pet


Fearghal is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he was born on the 2nd September 2014 and he arrived with us on the 16th June 2020.

He is a solidly built, black, male who is very friendly but can be strong when excited, although this is calming down.

Fearghal enjoys being outside, on the go and being around people, no sad day with this boy around!  If you are a sporty person, or someone who enjoys the outside then this chap is your man!

This lad likes to cool his feet down after running around!

He loves getting into a car for his outings and will settle down quickly, we are working with him on waiting to get out of the car upon arrival as he is so excited he just wants to be outside again!

He could be an only dog in the house or he could live with another dog of medium size or larger. Fearghal could live with children over the age of ten, however be warned he can be very lively and may knock a smaller person over, in excitement.

Fearghal has come a long way in his training around other breeds.  He has been able to stand with a calm smaller dog without reacting, this has taken several weeks of training to achieve this.

Fearghal with Jake.

We are taking him out to different places so he gets to see a range of other dogs, he has been very good on the lead and has listened to corrections where needed by his handler, but has shown little interest in other dogs outside of the kennel.

Fearghal enjoying a day out with Worzel.

Fearghal enjoys a good game of football or catch the flying teddy!

Are you looking for an active greyhound or do you enjoy walking in the countryside?  Fearghal could be the chap for you.  How can you not resist that puppy face and those gorgeous eyes!

This loveable boy has had several viewings but he is being overlooked due to his size, colour and being slightly older.

Fearghal shows the same amount of energy as a younger dog but also can be quiet and calm where needed.  Make Fearghal’s day by adopting him!

He will even come to you when called, look out though as he doesn’t always stop on time!

No cats please.

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