Kermit is reserved – 7.3.21.

Kermit is in foster care near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 4th of March 2021 and he was born in August 2016.

He is a friendly, happy chap who will sneak up on you for a quiet snuggle and cuddle!  This lad has always got a huge smile on his face, never a sad day with him around.  How could you resist not falling in love with this boy?!

Kermit enjoys going out for walks, he will trot alongside you and enjoys all that he sees.

He will greet new people with a waggy tail, a lovely smile and is polite with his manners!  Kermit enjoys his food and will take treats gently from your hand, what a lovely boy he is!

Kermit especially enjoys going out for car journeys and will jump in the back of a car with ease.

He has met our other breeds of doggie friends, he shows them his politeness with his manners and would quite like to play with them, if correct introductions were carried out.  His gorgeous smile never ends and he will greet his doggie friends exactly the same as his human ones – waggy tail, huge smile and polite manners!

Kermit meeting Jake.

This lad LOVES to play!  He will play with toys, his friends (canine and human), Kermit just likes to live life to the full and is always a happy boy!

After all the excitment of being out and about, eating, playing and just enjoying each day Kermit will snooze the rest of the day!  He is quite content and enjoys a good roach, as you can see below!  The boy is quite happy to be left for a few hours while somebody works and will greet you back home with a cheesy smile!

New lad Kermit, having a snooze!

Kermit has the potential to live with another dog of any size, providing introductions are carried out.  He could also be an only dog, he would make a great family pet, he is a real gentle boy just wanting to please his owner.   Kermit could live with children over the age of 5 years.

No cats please

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