Nectar is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, she arrived with us on the 24th September 2021 and she was born on the 18th September 2018.

She is a very happy, friendly girl who has oodles of character!  Nectar just loves having fun, she will play with you and her toys for as long as you want.  She really is the play queen of greyhounds!

Nectar enjoys going for a walk and she is keen to investigate all that she finds with a big waggy tail!  She walks nicely on the lead but watch out for those squirrels, as they can make her more excitable!  This girl will walk by your side once her initial excitement has gone, she just loves being out and will walk as far as you would like.

This little girl is a stunner to look at, with her black shiny coat, those big adorable eyes and her dainty trot but don’t be fooled as she can be quite sneaky at times.  The kitchen cabinet is her favourite place so watch out and don’t leave any food accessible as it won’t last long with this speedy girl around!

Nectar has met our small doggie friends, she just wants to say hello, in her own excitable way.  She can be quite strong when she sees other dogs for the first time but she really does only want to say hello.  Once initial hellos have taken place she is then quite happy to be off lead with them, having fun!

She is a good eater and is not remotely fussy over food, Nectar does prefer to eat her breakfast after her walk and then will settle down for a good earned rest!

Nectar and toys go together in a big way!  She will play with you and her toys for hours if she could.  She forgets that she is a greyhound, her energy soon stops while she rests and then it starts all over again!  Nectar enjoys soft toys, she can make her own games up, throwing them around and catching them – showing of her talents to her human friends.

This lass would be suitable to live as an only pet or as a companion to a male or female other breed of dog.  She could live with children over the age of 8 years who are used to big dogs running around.

Nectar is one you don’t want to miss, she is young with a lovely character and plenty to give back to her new owner.

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