Handmade Booties for Your Greyhound

Handmade Booties

Has your greyhound developed corns?

Does your greyhound have hard or soft pads?

Do they require regular treatment on their paws?

These handmade booties may help you.

Applying cream to your greyhounds paws can be tricky, especially if they like to lick the cream off before it has had time to soak in!

The booties are all handmade, come in a variety of colours, pattern and sizes.  You may require one or several of them to support your greyhound with their treatment.

These booties are designed to be used inside and ONLY while the cream is soaking into your greyhounds paw.

Please note:  They are not to be worn outside or kept on longer than needed to.

We are asking for a donation of no less than £1 for each bootie, all money raised through this sale will support the care and welfare of all dogs in our care and especially ones that require veterinary treatment.

We are also selling the two creams that we use on our own and kennel dogs for paw treatment.  You can view these on our merchandise page.

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