Twinkle is reserved!

Twinkle is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, she arrived in our care on the 10th of January 2024 and she was born on the 24th of March 2020.

She can be a little reserved when you first meet her, this is not her true character and within a few minutes she will show you her cheeky character!

This girl loves to play with you and soft toys, she just loves running around and having fun, what more could you ask for!

Twinkle is housetrained and used to everyday noises in and around the home.  She shows no fear of washing machine, dishwasher, hoover, car/motor bike engines starting and other familiar sounds.

Our gorgeous girl lives alongside 9 other greyhounds both girls and boys, she gets on well with them all.  Twinkle is a quietly, confident girl who is a pleasure to have in the home, a really nice girl.

This girl does LOVE her food!  Twinkle is good at cleaning her bowl, to make it nice and shiny again after eating, she will wait until you put the bowl down before eating and takes treats very nicely from you too.  She is learning the rules of the house but already knows that jumping up at the cabinets is not allowed, she really hasn’t put a foot wrong since arriving!

Twinkle loves going out for walks, she will wait patiently for her lead and coat to be put on and then will walk next to you, no pulling and meets people and other dogs very politely.  You wouldn’t know you had her on the lead!

She enjoys her car rides, knowing she is going to have a nice walk somewhere.  Twinkle hasn’t learnt how to get into the car yet, but I am sure it won’t be long before she has learnt this.  Twinkle is happy to jump out of the car and is always eager to start her walks.

After all the excitement of being out and about, she will settle down next to you for some quiet time and a stroke from her favourite people, she may even give you a roach!

Twinkle has been tested with other breeds and has shown us no cause for concern.  She would be able to be homed on her own or with another dog of any size, after careful introductions have been carried out.  She could also be homed to a family with children.

This little lass won’t be with us long so contact us now to arrange a viewing, you will not be disappointed with our beautiful Twinkle!

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