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    Children ages

    Are there any children in the immediate family under the age of 5yrs? We are extremely careful about rehoming greyhounds around under 5yrs and not all greyhounds will be suitable to live with such small children. You will be guided through this during the homing process.


    How long will the dog be left for unattended during the working day? (in hours) (required)

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    Do you have any pets that live either indoors or outdoors? Please briefly tell us about them.

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    Is your home owned or rented? We have to ask this in case a landlord agreement is required to have a dog in your property (required)

    Do you have a garden? If yes, Is it secure and how high is the fencing/ gates?

    Where will your dog be walked and how often? (required)

    Have you ever owned a dog before? If so, please tell us about them-

    What age of dog are you thinking of re-homing and would you prefer a male or female. If you have no preference just select 'no preference'

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    Greyhound Age

    Did you have any specific greyhounds (in our care) in mind?

    Have you ever had to return a dog to the rescue centre or breeder? What were the circumstances surrounding the return? This will not exclude you from having a dog from us but will help us find the right dog for your circumstances. Please be honest.

    If the dog started to display problematic behaviour would you be prepared to take it to training classes or consult advice from a behaviourist? (Again, be honest, as this will not stop you from re-homing one of our dogs)


    When were you thinking of actually adopting the greyhound? If longer than in 2 months time let us know as we will do your homecheck nearer to the time of adoption.

    Any other information you feel we should know which will help us to find you the right greyhound?