The Greyhound Lifeline Team


Lucy Quarendon joined us as a dog walker in April 2009. From there, in August of 2009 she took on a kennel hands role and not too long after that she ventured into her first greyhound “foster mother” role in January 2010.

In August 2014 Lucy was offered and accepted the role of joint manager with Marie at Greyhound Lifeline.

Lucy oversees Greyhound Lifeline in a managers role, she also handles all the adoption and cat testing requirements. She does the bulk of our viewings, homings and greyhound behaviour modification/socialisation work too. Dog assessment, ordering goods, website and Facebook page updates, events and vet runs etc. Lucy’s administrative strengths are a great asset to us as is her drive and enthusiasm.

She and Marie share responsibility for the training and recruitment of new and existing volunteers.

During May 2017 Lucy became one of the four Trustees of Greyhound Lifeline.

Lucy currently has 3 greyhounds of her own plus a selection of foster dogs from time to time as well.

Marie Harris

Marie Harris has been with Greyhound Lifeline from the start in May 2007. She orchestrated the move to our own premises in January 2008 and then ran the original, smaller scale homing kennel with just a skeleton crew of volunteers until we became better known and managed to recruit more people to help.

Originally sole Manager of the Fleet kennels. August 2014 saw Lucy join Marie and roles changed to joint managers due to the increase in workload though our success over the years. Marie nowadays is in a supportive role to Lucy and also helps with vet runs.

During May 2017 Marie became one of the four Trustees of Greyhound Lifeline.

Marie works full-time in paid employment has raised 4 children all of whom are now adults. Marie currently has 2 greyhounds of her own at home plus and a selection of foster dogs from time to time.

Marie adopted her first greyhound in 2003, but prior to that she had several years of other breed dog experience.

Marina Timms and Chris Baker began working with Greyhound Lifeline during 2013 in their professional capacity as qualified dog behaviourists. Over the years they have proved a great asset to Greyhound Lifeline and have developed a great fondness for the breed. They have helped us to learn how to assess, rehabilitate (where required), train and socialise all of our resident greyhounds ourselves in a professional manner. They are however always on call for help with special or unusual cases.

Marina and Chris have a background in accountancy, but now concentrate on their dog behaviour business K9 Matters.

Marina and Chris are both Trustees of Greyhound Lifeline.

Lynn H joined us in 2013 as a kennel hand and now is always keen to support us through street collections and attending events.

Lynn does not yet have a dog….we’re working on it!

Diane joined the team in August 2015 initially as a dog walker. It wasn’t long however before we roped her in for doing kennel shifts.

A more recent role for Diane is that of helping to organise street collections and she’s proved to be excellent at it.

Diane finally succumbed to the “greyhound bug” in 2017 when she adopted her first greyhound Hammy. It’s was an odd pairing visually as Diane was quite a lot smaller and Hammy was positively massive, but it’s was a very happy match for both!  Diane is now the owner of her second greyhound who is called Will and is considerably smaller than Hammy.

Carol Cox
Carol joined us in 2007, initially as a home checker and then when we moved to our own premises Carol joined the small, original team, to assist with the running of a skeleton staff homing kennel. She remained as a kennel hand and homing assistant for many years, but has since retired from these roles.

Carol is an experienced home checker who adopted her first greyhound in 2001, but prior to that she had many years of general dog experience through owning other breeds.

Carol is now retired from paid employment, she has raised her family and is a grandmother.

She has recently moved to be nearer her family but that hasn’t stopped Carol from being involved with Greyhound Lifeline.  Since COVID-19 she has been supporting us through carrying out our virtual homechecks and she has been very busy with them too!  She now has 3 rescued galgos from Spain at home.

Paul joined us in 2010. He has gone from a greyhound novice to an experienced and much valued member of the team in a very short time. He is a quick learner with a keen interest in our work and a genuine love for the dogs.

Paul has now retired from full time, paid employment and enjoys his extra time for trips away and spending time at his local!  He is very supportive for Greyhound Lifeline and gives up his free time to help with DIY jobs and being with the greyhounds.

Anne joined us in 2009. Originally she was a dog walker, but she soon became a regular for day time kennel shifts too.

Anne left the physical roles she once had with us and for a while concentrated on administrative and website duties.  Her more recent role was to monitors all our vet bills, keeping records of all our kennel and foster dogs’ regular vaccination and parasite control but now she has taken on the “back office” task of running our web site.

Anne is a mum of a teenage boy, she adopted a disabled greyhound puppy named Heather from us, but sadly young Heather’s health deteriorated and she passed to Rainbow Bridge in 2011. Since then she went on to adopt the lovely Phoebe from us after fostering her for a while, she sadly passed away a while ago but she now has Ted the Cocker Spaniel and 2 cats at home.

  • Penny

Penny and Adrian are a husband and wife team. They are our biggest fund-raisers overall as both of them make the home made preserves, pickles and cakes and knitted goods that they sell at shows and events to raise funds for us.

Penny and Adrian also have their own mobile tombola stall another source of fund-raising. Adrian supports our work through stalls at numerous car boot sales as well which is proving a big fundraiser for us.

Penny and Adrian are experienced sighthound owners with many years’ experience between them.

Kev Jaques
Kev started coming to Greyhound Lifeline during the summer of 2010 to help walk the dogs and to get to know the breed. By September 2010 he had adopted Clive the greyhound. Very sadly Kev and his family lost Clive in a tragic road accident during 2013.

Clive the greyhound left his legacy and managed to persuade his family that greyhounds deserve all the help they can get and subsequently “dad” (Kev) has designed the web site you are looking at now!

Kev has been extremely generous, web sites are not cheap to set up and they are very time consuming to create, but Kev offered all this voluntarily and free of charge to help the dogs that he loved. He is a very skilled web site designer and we recommend him to anyone looking to set up a web site. Contact Kev through Multilayer Design if you are interested in a web designer.

Although Kev moved a few years ago, he is still happy to help with any website questions.  Most of the ‘behind the scenes’ website work is now carried out by Anne who is also an expert in this area.

Our staff work for the dogs in a variety of different ways, Kev’s way was out of the public’s view, but very valuable none the less.

Mandy joined us as a volunteer kennel assistant during the summer of 2012.  She now is a keen supporter of Greyhound Lifeline and is actively involved in our fundraising events.

She adopted Fly from us in April 2009. Mandy was easily persuaded to take on a foster dog when we had an unexpected return in the form of Dotty, but Mandy fell for Dotty’s charms pretty quickly and she then adopted her. Strangely the same story repeated itself with the lovely Penfold too, then Jess! Wallace wasn’t a foster dog, but he managed to win Mandy’s affection to be adopted and more recently Dodo too!

Nowadays Mandy’s canine family is a family of two greyhounds and a Dudley the Cockerpoo.  Little Dudley was our kennel “stooge dog” for many years and was an expert at it!  Dudley retired a few years ago so he too could retire!  Mandy has recently moved and now is a proud owner of three donkeys too!

Mandy works part-time in paid employment, she has 3 grown children and a grandchild too.

photo of paul G staffphoto of Jane G staffPaul and Jane are a husband and wife team. They adopted Dodger in December 2011 and have previous experience of large breed dogs through owning a Doberman and a Greyhound Boxer cross. After adopting Dodger it wasn’t long before they went on to adopt their second greyhound Ben.  They are currently the proud owners of Kodi.  They are trained in the use of Obedience, Good Citizen Dog and Agility training techniques.

Paul and Jane began volunteering as dog walkers in January 2012. In early 2012 Paul and Jane became relief evening kennel feeders, but it wasn’t long before they had three regulary evening shifts per week.

Paul works full-time in paid employment, they both are now heavily involved in fundraising events, including street collections.  Over the last few years they have also taken on the role of collecting dog food and other dog equipment from our local Morrisons in Fleet and Farnborough where we are lucky enough to have two collection bins.

Kathryn first came to us in 2008 when she adopted Bunty from us. Bunty passed away during 2014. Kathryn and her family came back to us again in early 2015 as dog walkers. Soon she became a kennel hand and before very long she also found herself adopting our shy boy Artie in May 2015 and more recently adopting our larger than life lad Ferret in June 2018 and then Shadow too in 2020.

Kathryn supports us through attending fundraising events and street collections.  More recently she has started to help at our local Well-being Centre by taking in her own greyhounds to support people who are in need of some dog therapy time.

Sarah joined us as a dog walker in mid 2016. It was not long before she expressed an interest in helping us further. By winter Sarah had become a regular kennel hand and helping out at short notice.

Sarah has a grown up family and has set up her own dog walking service.  She is still heavily involved with Greyhound Lifeline and helps at our fundraising events and street collections.

Debs and Dec joined us as dog walkers in the summer of 2015. This couple showed true dedication to the dogs as a round trip for them to come and help was 86 miles! Needless to say, with that amount of travel involved Debs and Dec soon showed an interest in doing a little more than walking when they arrived. By early 2016 they had taken on a regular Saturday shift.

Both Debs and Dec have additional skills that they have brought to Greyhound Lifeline. Dec is a handy DIY enthusiast who just happens to be a qualified PAT tester. Very useful especially when free of charge! Debs is truly “green fingered” as she has grown numerous plants to sell for fundraising purposes. When not gardening Debs is frequently to be found at a sewing machine making beautiful dog coats for both fundraising purposes and for the kennel hounds to wear.

Debs and Dec have a teenage daughter who is equally as keen to help us as they are.

Jo joined the kennel hand team in May 2017, but she has been both a dog walker and an adopter for many years.

Jo is currently a proud to be “mum” to Hope and Amigo greyhounds and she is “grandma” to Bambi and Isaac greyhounds.  You may be confused, but it’s because Jo’s daughter Becky and husband Taylor have caught the “greyhound bug” too and adopted their own hounds!

Jo has a grown up family and also has several grandchildren too whom she looks after regularly.  Jo is now retired from part-time paid employment but this hasn’t stopped her days being very busy!

Becky became a Saturday kennel hand in December 2017 but before this she was a regular dog walker and could be found most weekends at the kennels.

It wasn’t long before we were able to encourage her to adopt her first greyhound Bambi in November 2016 and then Issac in May 2017.

Becky has now become a Mrs, after recently getting married.  Bambi and Isaac both attended the ceremony, looking very smart in their outfits too! Becky and family also have a little boy too.

Becky works full time in paid employment; juggling baby, greyhounds and work!  She now supports us by attending and helping at events and street collections.

Lisa has been with us for many years as a dog walker, but during 2016 she managed to acquire 3 different roles with us as a relief/short notice kennel hand, an experienced dog walker and also she very kindly allowed us to borrow Lottie her Jack Russel Terrier sometimes for greyhound training. Lottie is very much retired now and has passed on her skills to another small dog!

Lisa is a mum to two children, works part time and now supports us through fundraising events.

Chloe the Border Terrier has been our regular “stooge dog” for around 2 years now. She tends to work a regular Saturday shift and attends with her “mum” Suzanne. Chloe is a friendly and lively little lady, she’s the most active of our “stooges” and she will happily gee up our greyhounds by running between her family members to a call and for a treat. A valuable role as seeing an unfamiliar stationary dog is somewhat less exciting to a greyhound than seeing a running and playing one. Chloe is a brave little soldier who is totally non-plussed by her role for us.


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