Become a Friend of Greyhound Lifeline and you could be helping to care for Yoyo.

Yoyo is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 21st October 2023 and he was born on the 1st of November 2019.

He is a sensitive lad who has found the transition from kennel life to becoming a ‘pet’ quite challenging.  Yoyo found a home and had a lovely brother to run round and have lots of fun with.  Yoyo unfortunately found home life so difficult that he returned into our care in October 2023.

We have made the decision that Yoyo will remain in our care where he is happy, knows the boundaries and responds very well to his main carers. 

Yoyo will not miss out on home living as he is in foster care and shares his home with other greyhounds which he gets on well with.

By ‘Becoming A Friend Of Greyhound Lifeline’ you will be helping Yoyo to continue loving his life by providing the funds for us to care for him and ensure he receives the very best life.

Yoyo will feature in our yearly newsletter where we will share with you his adventures from throughout the year.

A monthly gift by Direct Debit, helps us to plan effectively and gives you the benefit of knowing that ALL of your money goes directly to the greyhounds in our care.

£5 will pay for some natural treats for one kennel greyhound for two weeks.

£8 will pay for salmon oil which will last a fortnight.

£12 will pay for a tub of toothpaste, for all the kennel greyhounds.

£14 will pay for parasite treatment for each new arrival.

£20 will pay for a warm coat for one of our kennel greyhounds.

£22 will pay for food for one greyhound for a month.

It costs us on average £600 to fund every greyhound’s journey from racing kennels to loving family pet. Our kennel spaces are full 365 days a year.

Become A Friend With A Single Donation

You can become a Friend with a single annual donation (minimum £36).

Or you can become a ‘Friend for Life’ for a one off donation of £500.

Please help us care for these gentle giants by ‘Becoming A Friend of Greyhound Lifeline’.

More information about ‘Becoming A Friend’ can be found on our Newspage, under the word DONATE.

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