Yoyo is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 21st October 2023 and he was born on the 1st of November 2019.

This chap is slightly shy with new people, he prefers to stand back and watch the world go by before joining in, with his friends.

Yoyo is learning that humans can be great buddies and is starting to enjoy cuddles with his favourite people.  He is going to need time to settle in to his new routine and family.  His new family need to be understanding of his needs and to not have, too high expectations too early on.  His new family also need to be rest assured that this boy is one that they ‘really want to adopt’, with his fantastic character that he shares with people, once that special bond has been made!

This chap has a stunning appearance and a gorgeous character to go with it!

Yoyo has made good friends with the kennel walkers and particularly his foster mummy that he sees daily.  He greets his foster mummy with a big waggy tail, a ‘lets play’ smile and even a play bow if you are returning from an outing.  He just needs a little time and patience as once he trusts you, a loving boy comes out of his shell and you will not believe that it is the same dog!

He is fully housetrained, very settled in the home environment and he understands the rules of the house.  Yoyo hasn’t counter surfered in the kitchen and is a good sleeper overnight.  He is fine being left in the daytime and waits patiently for you to return where he will give you a lovely welcome home.

Yoyo is a gentle lad and is really loyal once he has made that bond with you.  He will look at his leader for reassurance in certain situations, particularly when visitors come to the house & meeting people out and about.

This lad is sharing his foster home with seven other greyhounds both males and females, he gets on well with them all and enjoys being in there company.  Yoyo gets his confidence from the other more settled greyhounds and takes their lead when new people enter the house.

Yoyo can get a little wary when visitors visit the house.  He needs a confident owner who can ensure that he is able to watch them from a different room, before allowing him to come in to meet them.  His new owners need to also ensure visitors don’t greet Yoyo until they are asked to by either himself or by his owners.  Yoyo’s lack of confidence can come across aggressive where he can bark at new people but with the help of his human friends he is learning that he doesn’t need to be afraid or protective, as he is safe in his own home.

This lad needs a no nonsense owner who can help him overcome these fears.  Yoyo would do well to have a greyhound friend as a companion so he can take his lead from them.

We are looking for a family who have some experience with training nervous dogs.  If you are interested in homing him and you do not have this experience, please still make contact so we can discuss his particular needs with you.

We would ask for a quiet home with no children, Yoyo could live with older teenagers.

He loves his outings, travels well and is always very keen to get into the car, although needs help getting in. This boy can walk nicely on a lead and enjoys going out for his walks.  Yoyo loves being outside and with his human friends.

Yoyo has shown he can be sociable with other breeds, if correct socialisation is carried out.  Dogs running around in the park can trigger his chase instinct where he will show you he wants to go and play with them!  A walk on the common or in the forest and seeing lots of squirrels can also excite him!

This chap has shown some interest in playing with toys, a nice teddy bear to throw around would be his first play choice.  Yoyo is often seen playing with a toy he would prefer a nice bone or chew to eat, food is a very nice thing for this boy!  You can always win him over with food!

This lad needs time to settle into a home and an owner who is confident.  It may take some time for him to fully settle into a home and gain your trust.  Any owner who takes on this lad will not look back.  Once Yoyo has become more confident he is such a loving boy who just wants his own home.  In just a few weeks of being in our care, his confidence has grown massively around people he knows well.

We will continue to support Yoyo and his new family once he has been homed, with training and contact to ensure that everyone’s needs can be met.

Call the adoption line and come and meet Yoyo – what a fantastic lad he is!

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