Greyhounds as Pets

Greyhounds make great pets!


Greyhound Lifeline Greyhound Lifeline is an independent Retired Greyhound Rehoming group run by volunteers.

Our Mission is to find good pet homes for ex-racing greyhounds in the UK.

We have our own retired racing greyhounds to find homes for but we also assist other independent homing groups too wherever possible to place greyhounds into loving homes.

Our aim is to raise the public’s awareness that Greyhounds can and do make wonderful pets and to see as many retired greyhounds enjoying life as a much loved pet as we possibly can.

Our volunteers are dedicated to achieving the lifetime comfort and welfare of our greyhounds. They give of their time freely and are unpaid, often using their personal funds to ensure the comfort and health of the retired greyhounds in our care.

The future welfare of the greyhounds in our care is of paramount importance to us and as such, no adoption will proceed until a successful home check has been completed.

The Greyhound Lifeline Mission

Our reward as a team is purely that of being able to say “We have helped a greyhound to find its lifetime home.”

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8 thoughts on “Greyhounds as Pets

  1. i luv greyhounds as a teenager i worked as a kennel hand and bonded with one particular fawn ***** i adored her sadly my father did not approve of me working as a kennel lad and forced me away from a *** i loved doing to this day over thirty years on ill ***** forgive him from taking me away from working with greyhounds and in particular robbing me of my teenage years i ***** knew what happened to my lovely little ***** called lucy even to this day she is constantly forever in my thoughts

  2. Hello Lifeline, Parker has turned my life around again. I can’t believe just
    how well mannered he is at home! Waits quietly for me to preceed him from room to room. I feel like royalty.
    And he so loves his cuddles .But hold the front page ! What’s this ?
    Lead on raring to go’ Hurry up Mum’ ‘,Move it can’t you’ ‘,Me first,’
    Parker where have your nice manners gone?
    Then later back home again. All is forgiven. Tomorrow is another day,
    Love to all,
    Rosemary and Parker.
    P.S. Hope this message isn’t garbled. I think I kept hitting the ‘Post Comment’

  3. Parker says that he wasn’t being mannerless on his walk the other day.
    It was simply a little ‘ Prance’.
    It seems that someone admired his tummy so now we have to stop
    whilst he upends himself and rolls in the newly mowned grass ( and if I
    don’t spot it first heavans knows what else)
    Then if you please, he tried it out on the sofa and fell off Have you ever
    seen a greyhound blush ?
    As for hiis social skills, well we are working on it…..A well mannered
    lady Retriever saunters up and he tells her off, whilst a lippy Jack Russel
    bounces over and he seemingly approvrs ! Guess we just play it by ear .
    Meanwhile, Parker goes all coy,and following his gaze what do I see but
    a Greyhound ! Too far off as yet but we are working on it…..
    Love to everyone, Parker and Rosemary XX…

  4. Fantastic website. A lot of helpful info here. I am sending it to a few buddies and additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your effort!

  5. A friend sent me a link to your website because I would love a dog (I have ***** had the pleasure of owning one) and she thought this would be a good starting point. I just wanted to write to thank you for the work you do but also to congratulate you on a brilliant website. It is clear, easy to to use and has loads of useful information, especialy for a newbie.

    Thank you.

  6. My daughter and her husband are getting a greyhound but both have full time jobs is that fare on the dog on his own a lit of the time

    • Dear Gerry
      In our opinion a greyhound potentially could be left for several hours if we felt they would be able to cope with it. We would advise not to leave the dog for more than 5 hours in one go and they would need to come home at lunchtime or get a dog walker in to sort them out before leaving them again. The right dog would have to be found for this to work so it wouldn’t be fair for a very young dog to left by themselves for those hours. The rescue centre would help and would be able to advise them which dogs would be suitable for their life style.

  7. Met some really dedicated people today & we also met Izzy fingers crossed actually everything is crossed !!!!!!!

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