Stella is now reserved – 28.4.24.

Stella is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, she arrived in our care on the 5th April 2024 and she was born on the 1st of October 2019.

She is a very happy, friendly girl who has oodles of character!  Stella just loves having fun, she will play with you and her toys for as long as you want.

Stella enjoys going for a walk and she is keen to investigate all that she finds, she can be a little stubborn at times, as to which way she would like to go but will walk on when told to!  She walks nicely on the lead usually by your side.  Stella knows how to jump into a car and lays down quickly ready for her car ride.

This little girl is a stunner to look at, with her white coat and black splotches and that very attractive one, black leg! Stella know how to walk, to get everyone talking and does so with a nice wiggle as she walks!  Stella has those big adorable eyes and her dainty trot but don’t be fooled she will do anything if she thinks there’s some extra food around!

She has been very well behaved within the home environment, nothing seems to phase her, Stella gets on well with the other nine greyhounds that she lives with.  She can easily walk on different types of home flooring with ease but has been known to freeze on shiny flooring when out and about.  Once she has thought about it and realised she can walk on it she does so with confidence!  Stella loves her bed, she would like a nice soft, padded one that is nice and warm too!  She is also crate trained and is often found lying in there for a quiet snooze!

Housetraining has been a breeze for thie girl, she has learnt that outside is where she needs to go to the toilet, she is still learning how to tell her owner she needs to go but with frequent opportunities to go outside she has learnt the rules of the house.  Stella can be very quiet within in the house, you could almost forget she is with you she is that quiet!

Stella can get over excited when she greets you and is still learning to keep her paws on the floor, currently this is just too exciting and for those brief few minutes she forgets all that training!  This lass just wants to please her owner and has so much love to give you.  She is a foody and will need an owner who will keep temptation out of her way, otherwise you may find your dinner ends up in her tummy!

Stella at our collection at Hedge End.

Stella has met small doggie friends, she just wants to say hello which she does in a very polite way.  She can get excited if other dogs are running around but she just wants to play with them.

She is a good eater but prefers a slightly smaller breakfast and a good sized dinner.  Stella LOVES treats and will do anything to get to them, even if that’s to climb on another dogs back to get a better opportunity of getting more of them!

Stella and toys go together in a big way!  She enjoys a good game of chase the teddy or making her own games up, throwing them around and catching them – showing of her talents to her human friends.

This lass would be suitable to live as an only pet or as a companion to a male or female other breed of dog.  She could live with children over the age of 8 years who are used to, larger, jumpy dogs.  Stella is very gentle with taking treats from your hand, she will also wait patiently why you put her food bowl down before she starts to tuck in.  A lovely girl she is indeed!

No cats please.

Stella is one you don’t want to miss, she is young with a lovely character and plenty to give back to her new owner.

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