Beautiful Cargo.

Cargo is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived in our care on the 3rd May 2024 and he was born on the 17th of July 2019.

This lad is a friendly, tall boy who enjoys being with his human friends.  Cargo would be best suited in a home on his own or with a female greyhound.

Cargo is such a lovely lad, more and more of his character appears each day and he really is the soppiest boy around.  He has a gorgeous spark and twinkle in his eye when he wants to play or have some human attention.  Cargo really does live each day to the full, the progress he has made is huge and it really is time he found that home of his own.

He enjoys being outside, on the go and being around people, no sad day with this boy around!  If you are someone who enjoys the outside then this chap is your man!  After all that fun and exercise, Cargo will quite happily enjoy a long nap, in his bed, surrounded by his toys!

Cargo is suitable of living, in a family home with teenagers, he would love a playmate or two and would tire any adolescent out for their parents by just enjoying special time – playing or just being with Cargo!

HE is a real water baby, you will often find him in the plunge pool, picking up a ball, or trying too and making lots of noise by splashing the water around with his paws!  Cargo will then reappear and give you that look as to say, who’s making all that noise!  He also loves going in the pool to cool down and will just stand there for quite a while before he thinks enough is enough and comes back out again!  We often think he has fallen asleep whilst he is standing in his pool!

This cheeky chap just loves lounging around in the garden on a nice day, he particularly likes laying on a raised bed or snoozing in the shade.  If you can’t find Cargo, try looking in the garden first as that’s where he just loves to be!  He definitely loves to lay or dig in the sand pit too, Cargo is clever though and knows he is only allowed to dig in that area of the garden.

He is nearly housetrained, only been in a home environment for less than two weeks!  He can walk on any surface in the home environment with ease, Cargo settles quickly at night and will stay asleep until the next morning.  This chap is used to being left in the home environment for a few hours and waits nicely for his owner to return, always giving a nice welcome home with a big waggy tail!

Cargo has been practising his social skills with his little doggie friends.  He can’t quite understand what the smaller breeds of dog are, they look very similar but just a lot smaller and especially if they yap at him.  Cargo will listen to his handler and can walk on past another dog, although a quick check over his shoulder to make sure they have gone is often tempting at the moment!  With time, exposure and training, Cargo will learn more about smaller breeds and accept them as friends.  He can politely say ‘hello’ to dogs medium size and above in an appropriate manner.

This chap just loves his daily adventures, especially if it involves walking on the forest and exploring new places.  Cargo can walk very nicely on the lead, although he does have the strength to be stronger if his chase instinct kicks in, especially if he sees squirrels!  He does however listen to his handler, after watching them for a few minutes and will then walk on.

He loves his food, there is always a clean bowl when Cargo is around!  Cargo will take treats nicely from your hand and will always keep his four paws on the floor when waiting for food/treats, such a clever boy!

Cargo loves to please his owner and will make an excellent addition to his chosen family.  Could it be yours?  Ask for a viewing to meet him, he is a lovely boy, with such a wonderful character.

Give us a call on 07769348310 and ask to see Cargo!

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