Bolt Has Been Homed


Bolt has been homed. 1/4/17.

He is a medium, slim, reserved, male who was born in September 2013.

Bolt walks nicely on a lead, however he can be rather shy and sudden movements can startle him, a tight hold of the lead is essential for this boy.  Bolt is happy to jump into the car for his outings and quickly lays down.

He is a shy boy, who is going to take time to get to know his new owners.  Bolt will need a quiet home so he can blossom in his own time, for this reason he will need a home with no children.

Bolt could be an only dog if his new owners were around for most of the day or a companion to another dog.  Give this boy a toy and he loves to bounce after it, he currently is unsure what to do next but given time we are sure he will learn to have lots of fun!

No cats please.

Bolt arrived with us on the 22/2/17 as we get to know him better more information will be available.

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