Connie Has Been Homed



Connie has been homed.  9/10/16.

She is a tall, friendly, gentle, white and black female.

Connie enjoys her outings, she travels well and walks nicely on a lead after the initial excitement of the walk begins.

She loves to be around people, getting fused and having cuddle time.

This little lady loves her food and she is not a fussy eater. She is good with people around food, but needs supervision at meal times around other dogs.


Connie would be suitable as an only pet or as a companion to another greyhound or another large breed.  She would be happiest with a family who had children over 10 years of age due to her high energy levels.

Connie isn’t overly interested in toys, but she can be encouraged to chase after a rolling ball.  I am sure in time she will learn the fun she can have with them.

She has been tested with smaller breeds and currently she needs considerably more training around smaller breeds before she will accept them as friends.

No cats please.

Connie is a new arrival as of 2/8/16 more information will be available as we get to know her.

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