Doris Has Been Homed



Doris has been homed – 1/10/16.

She is a tall size female who was born in October 2013.

Doris loves her outings and walks nicely on the lead.  She is happy to jump into the car and settles down nicely ready for the off!

She would be a great companion to another greyhound.  Doris would be able to live with older teenagers due to her being slightly reserved around unfamiliar people.  Once Doris has got to know you she will warmly greet you and loves having cuddles, where she will lean into you.


Doris loves to play with toys and will allow you to take them away from her.

She has been tested around smaller breeds and with continued socialisation she could learn to be friends with a smaller dog.  She would currently be able to live with a medium to large breed of dog.

Doris is a new arrival as of 11/9/16 as we get to know her better more information will be available.

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