Jackal Has Been Homed


Jackal has been homed – 1/10/20.

Jackal is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 3rd September 2020 and he was born on the 5th July 2016.

He is a friendly boy who enjoys being with people, watch out though as he likes to sneak up on you for a cuddle!

Jackal is a stunning dark brindle boy with a white chest, dainty brindle feet with a dash of white on them.

This lad enjoys going on his walks, he can trot along nicely next to you on the lead but also enjoys sniffing all those wonderful smells that you encounter on a walk!

He loves to play with you and his toys, Jackal especially loves cuddly ones but he will only show you this once he has got to know you first!  He likes to keep his running feet active and will quite happily chase after anything that you have thrown!

His favourite game is to play bow with you but you have to join in too, this game could last for quite some time, if he had his way!  When excited Jackal can become a little bouncy so potentially could knock a small person over.

Jackal enjoys a treat as a reward and will take them gentle from your hand, he’s favourite are Markie’s.

This boy is a very friendly chap and loves to lean in to you for cuddles.  He will greet you with a happy smile and even a kiss if he can catch you quick enough!

Jackal could be an only dog or live with a female greyhound or a medium size dog and above, although this will change once some training has taken place.

We have tested him with some of our small doggie friends and he would like to make friends with them but not quite sure what they are, at the moment.  He will need an owner who can take him out every day, meet and greet new people and small dog friends too.

He would love some teenagers to play with or will give them a snuggle instead.

We will update his page soon.

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