Jerry Has Been Homed


Jerry greyhound white and black male

Jerry has been homed.

He is a small sized, very well mannered, white and black, castrated male who was born in August 2004.

Jerry has come to us from a home environment due to a change of circumstances and through no fault of his own. His foster mum says of Jerry that “he’s a pleasure to have at home”.

He’d be suitable with children aged 5 years and up.

For a little more detail about this wonderful, older chap then Jerry’s foster report follows:

Jerry is a very happy and gentle boy who loves to be with people. He loves to have cuddles and in return he will give you lots of kisses.  At present Jerry shows no interest in toys.

Jerry the greyhound in bed

He walks very nicely on the lead; however when he sees foxes and squirrels his chase instinct will kick in and he does become excitable (although not unmanageable). Jerry will need an owner who is aware of what is going on around him.  He enjoys going out for walks and stands nicely when putting his lead on.

Jerry has meet other breeds of dogs and is very good with them, currently he is living in foster care with two bitches and a boy greyhound and is very good with them too, sharing beds and attention without problems.

He is fine to be left for reasonable periods of time and he is very clean in the house.

Jerry would be fine as an only pet or with a companion canine of any size.

Jerry is able to climb stairs with ease; he is also fine on laminate floors.  He is a polite boy, who does not jump up at people or at surfaces and he waits for you to go out of doors first and follows after.  He loves his food and enjoys his meal times and travelling in the car. Jerry jumps in nicely and settles down before the car has even started!

Jerry is very good in the home, he is a very happy boy and always greets you and visitors back into the home in a very calm but happy manner.  Currently Jerry on a weight gain regime to bring his weight up to the proper level, but he is enjoying his food in the process so it is not proving a difficult task.

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