Legend Has Been Homed


Legend has now been homed – 26/10/18.

He is a friendly, happy, elderly gentleman who is looking for a home to relax in.

Legend enjoys his food and is very gentle at talking treats.

He needs assistance to get in and out of a car.

Legend has met other breeds of dog, he needs further training with smaller breeds before he will acept them as friends.  Legend would be suitable as an only pet or as a companion to another greyhound or larger dog.

He is looking for his own home that he can relax in, have lots of cuddles and just enjoy home living with a family. He hasn’t learnt the enjoyment you can have with toys and prefers to be your shadow as you move around.

Legend enjoys going out for walks but prefers shorter walks so he can still enjoy them and plod along at his own speed.  He is a little bit wobbly on his rear legs and will require long term pain relief for arthiritis.  Greyhound Lifeline can support the new owner with the cost of Metacam (pain relief) only, if required but the new owner will need to pay for and ensure he visits the vets every 6 months for a vet check.  He is such a gentle older chap, looking for a soul mate to share the rest of his life with.  How can you resist this gentleman?

He would be suitable to a home with children however Legend likes plenty of time for resting so a quieter home may be better for this boy.

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