Greyhound Testimonial from David & Gillian Coombes

Our Experiences with Greyhound Lifeline –
After having dogs for most our lives we decided to home a retired Greyhound and approached a local homing centre which was Greyhound Lifeline for these lovely Hounds!

– Our first contact was with Marie Harris who is the Kennel Manager.
On our first contact we were invited to visit the centre so we could see firsthand some of the Greyhounds which needed homes –

Marie and her staff were very welcoming, and offered us plenty of insight in to what we could expect should we decide to home one of these Hounds and felt free to ask any questions. We were both pleasantly surprised to find a Kennels which were well kept and most importantly staff who had a wealth of knowledge about Greyhounds.

On our first visit we found two hounds we particularly liked, unfortunately both were reserved.
We were advised before we could undertake an adoption a home check would need to be carried out. Well from there on things moved quickly

– The following week we received a call from Marie to say one of the Greyhounds was now unreserved and would we like to take up the option of homing {as we had already passed our homing check} we said yes we would come for a further visit to make sure –

We arrived full of excitement and took another look at what was a lovely Fawn and Red Bitch named Polly – We didn’t stop to think, as we knew straightway this was a Hound we wanted to provide a “forever home” for and was cat friendly– We collected Polly the following day and Polly has proved to be all that we could have expected with homing such a lovely Hound.

One year on and we returned to home another Greyhound named JD who is a beautiful black dog – Marie had suggested we take JD {now called Jack} home for the day to see how he would fit in to our home environment and how he would get along with our other Greyhound Polly and our Cat – Jack never looked back and nor have we, and we now have two delightful and loving hounds which have now found there forever homes.

We can both definitely say that our experiences have been a good one. – We now have two amazing Greyhounds and know we always have the support and knowledge of Marie Harris and her team should we need to ask for any advice.

Finally to anyone who reads this testimonial Greyhounds are highly addictive. Commonly once a Greyhound owner always a Greyhound owner and it’s very common for one Greyhound pet to suddenly become 2 as we did (or even 3 or more in some cases}

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