Greyhound Testimonial from Gill

Choc came to live with us in March 2009. He came for a day’s trial, settled right down on the cushion in the lounge and never went back to the kennels!

We previously had a lurcher (mostly greyhound) and when we lost him, we missed having a big dog around, plus we liked his gentle nature.

We found out about Greyhound Lifeline on the web – they had a three-legged greyhound looking for a home and our lurcher had lost a back leg when he was a youngster, so we were well used to dealing with a special chap.

That greyhound came for a home visit and proved a bit too interested in our old Yorkies – he was lovely but quite enthusiastic – and Marie suggested we might be better suited to Choc. Choccie had hurt his back in a race and needed some TLC.

So here we are with Choc. He is a lovely boy, very gentle natured – never been a problem around the Yorkies or our old Jack Russell. He’s pretty much always been subservient to the girls! He loves fuss and his food, lying in the sun and generally chilling – and while he loves to run up the garden, it’s hard to imagine that such a couch potato could have ever been a racing greyhound!

Choc also now lives with a Lakeland terrier cross, who came with lots of baggage but he and Choc have bonded and are best pals.

We cannot speak highly enough of Greyhound Lifeline – not just for matching us to Choc, but also because we think they do a fabulous job caring for the greyhounds and finding them forever homes. Whenever we meet anyone who shows the slightest interest in Choc, we enthuse about Greyhound Lifeline and the joys of “owning” a greyhound – not sure you ever own one!

As for Choc, he would tell you how contented he is, and how pleased he is that he landed on his paws with Greyhound Lifeline, but he’s fast asleep in his bed, at peace with the world.

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