Mars Has Been Homed


Mars has been homed – 3/2/19.

He is a confident, very friendly, black, male who was born on 2nd November 2014.

Mars loves his outings, travels well but he does need help getting into the car.

This boy loves his food, he also enjoys having cuddles with his human friends and will lean right into you, Mars enjoys it so much he will give you plenty of licks to show his appreciation!

Mars is inquisitive with toys, he is quite happy to chase after a rolling ball or a thrown toy but best of all loves his footballs.  Mars hasn’t quite learnt the rules and is often getting red cards for picking the ball up in his mouth!

He would be fine as an only pet or as a companion to a laid back female in an adult home (or one with older teenagers) and he’d be fine to be left unattended for a few hours. He can walk nicely on a lead but has the potential to be strong if he’s chase instinct is triggered.

Mars needs further socialisation and training before he will accept smaller breeds of dog as friends, over the coming weeks we will be helping him to overcome this. We are looking for a greyhound owner who will continue his training around unfamiliar breeds of dog.

No cats/small fluffies please.

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