Sable Has Been Homed


Sable has been homed – 10.2.22.

Sable is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, she arrived with us on the 29th of November 2021 and she was born on the 23rd September 2017.

She is a girl with lots of character, an inquisitive mind and just wants to have fun!

This girl can really play, she would love some playmates to play with, I wonder who will tire first? She certainly has lots of energy.

Sable with her favourite toy ‘the turkey squeaker!’

Sable is learning about ‘chase the thrown toy’, at this stage she needs some guidance to know what to do with it when it has landed, especially if it is a non squeaker!  We are sure she will learn fast and then be able to whizz around with all her toys too!

This young lady, is fairly bigger than most of her girlfriends, however this doesn’t stop her gentle side shinning through.  She loves to explore the outside with you, any small hole, this girl will have her head in, to see what she can find!  With those puppy eyes you could never get cross with this little one, one dirty face cleaned for the next adventure to start!

She is quite capable of getting in and out of a car, she sometimes forgets this and asks for a lift in, don’t be fooled by her!

Sable requires the help of her human friends sometimes, she enjoys being on the go but doesn’t always remember that she is a greyhound and that she needs to have snooze time too in a day!  She just loves to be on the go, Sable will make her own ‘play’ games up when her human friends are caught up doing a task.  This girl is able to amuse herself but sometimes the busyness of other people can distract her attention.

For feeding time Sable would benefit from a quiet place to enjoy her favourite dinners in.  She is a girl not to be left in the kitchen, especially if there is food on the worksurfaces!  Sable is learning that this is not acceptable but she can be fast, even if you leave the kitchen for a few seconds!

This sweet lass enjoys her walks and can stand nicely when she decides to, while you put her lead on!  She enjoys walking by your side on a walk or next to her friends.  Watch out for that running wildlife, whilst you are out with her, even if you don’t see it she will.

Sable could be homed on her own or a companion to a medium size or larger male dog, after careful introductions were carried out and, or to a family where somebody was around for most of the day.  She would be able to live with children over the age of 8 years.  She does enjoy lots of running around – dashing here, there and everywhere so robust little people is a must for this girl!

There is nothing that seems to faze this bundle of energy and each day she is with us, another aspect of her character is released!

This is a girl you will really want to meet, give us a call to find out more about Sable.

No cats please.

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