Tin Tin Has Been Homed


Tin Tin has been homed – 13.2.22.

Tin Tin is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 28th November 2021 and he was born on the 27th of June 2019.

This sweet, young boy will melt your heart.  He really is a ‘puppy’, featured boy who has such a large character to discover.

This young lad at the moment won’t win any competition for his looks, he really has a bald rump and a few other places which are lacking in hair.  Tin Tin enjoys his daily massage and pampering session, when the kennel hand applies some Burt’s Bee ointment, to promote his hair to grow back and some fish oil to support him having better skin and fur.  Tin Tin has recently been on puppy kibble, this has been used to help him gain some much needed weight.  This has already been gained, due to his love of food anyway!  Tin Tin is no longer that ‘thin greyhound’ but a much more content greyhound who is looking better (physically and mentally) each day.

Tin Tin has made some good friends with the kennel hands that he sees daily and will greet them with a big waggy tail and lots of ‘Tin Tin’s cuddles and kisses’.  He can be a little wary around new people but once he trusts you he transforms into a different, loving boy and you will not believe that it is the same dog!

Sable (left) & Tin Tin enjoying some playtime in the yard.
The friendly twosome.

This lad enjoys a good conversation with you, especially if he is in he’s bedroom and you are in the yard. By home time this boy enjoys taking a snooze with his friend Sable until it is feeding time again.  This boy is one to always think of his stomach!

When it is play time, Tin Tin enjoys nothing better than a good game of chase me with his friend Sable or lots of affection from his human friends.  This lad could be an only dog or live with a female dog.  Being young we would prefer him not to be left for too long each day. Tin Tin could live with older children who are familiar with larger and playful dogs.

Tin Tin has met some of our smaller doggie friends and has enjoyed their company.  He could live with other breeds of dog quite happily as long as careful introduction have taken place.

Tin Tin and small Chloe.

He loves his outings, travels well and is always very keen to get into the car, unaided. This boy can walk nicely on a lead although if spooked can become stronger, these moments are becoming fewer and fewer but just don’t be caught of guard!

Tin Tin enjoys being outside, either going out for walks or just stretching his legs in an enclosed area.

There is a lot for Tin Tin to learn about the outside world.  It won’t be long until his true character will shine.  Poor Tin TIn might be overlooked because of this, he would love to have a viewing and a home, just like his other friends.

Tin Tin enjoys a good game of chase, with his kennel mate or with a selective few soft toys!  Watching him in our enclosed area, he dashes around at lightning speed, tight corners for the boy but for him, he is just doing what every greyhound does, which is having fun with his special human friends.

This lad will need a routine and some consistent rules abide by the whole family, he is young, quick learner and could become a greyhound trying his luck!  Tin Tin can become very cheeky if allowed, who would have thought it from his sweet little face!

This lad needs time to settle into a home and an owner who is confident.  They need time to spend with Tin Tin earning his trust and giving him space to develop his character in a new environment.  Any owner who takes on this lad will not look back, once Tin Tin has become more confident, he is such a loving boy who just wants his own home.  In just a few days his confidence has grown massively around people he knows well.

Call the adoption line and come and meet Tin Tin – what a fantastic lad he is!

He already has a fan club at the kennels, we are all behind him, in finding his dream home and family.

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