Pebbles Has Been Homed


Pebbles has been homed – 7.5.24.

Pebbles is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, she arrived in our care on the 5th April 2024 and she was born on the 3rd of August 2020.

This girl is a friendly lass who is going to make a perfect addition to her new family.

She is a petit, happy girl who really does just enjoy life!

Pebbles loves being around people she knows, she can be a little shy to begin with but this doesn’t last very long before she adores a good game of play bowing with her new human friend.  She is a polite little girl who is confident but not pushy for attention.  This little one really loves her cuddles, she will lean right into you to get those best ones!

This lass is already house trained and is learning the rules of the house.  Pebbles loves being on the sofa next to you but will get down if you ask her to, she really is a polite little girl!

She enjoys being outside, having a walk or just being with her human friends.  Pebbles loves her food so you will always get a clean bowl, she enjoys a little treat or two and will take them very gently from your hand.  She adores a chicken foot but really just loves any smelly treat!

Walking with her friends is what she loves, she is a good girl on the lead and will walk next to you on a slack lead, after the initial excitement of being out on a walk.  Pebbles can get excited if she sees other dogs having lots of fun off lead but only because she wants to join in and have fun too!  She gets on very well with her greyhound friends and is making friends nicely with other dogs that she meets.  Pebbles is easily corrected when saying ‘hello’ to other dogs, if needed but this isn’t that often.

The car is no match for this little one and she will jump in with ease, once you’ve started driving she has already settled down, ready to get out at the other end for a nice walk.  Pebbles is very polite when meeting new people, she just loves saying hello and giving everyone a ‘Pebble smile’ as she walks past!

Pebbles is going to make a fantastic family pet as an only dog, if someone was around most of the day or with another dog of any size.  She loves a cuddly toy to play with and will even play bow to it too!

This gentle soul would be suitable to live with children and would love a play companion.  Her new family are going to be very lucky to have this little girl, she really is a dream.

Pebbles won’t be round for long so give us a call and come and meet this sweet little one!

No cats please.

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