Topaz Has Been Homed






Topaz is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, she arrived in our care on the 8th April 2024 and she was born on the 9th of June 2019.

Topaz has been homed – 19.5.24.

This lass has a shiny brindle coat and is a friendly girl who is going to make a perfect addition to her new family.

Topaz can get really excited when she greets familiar people, she will show this with a big waggy tail, comes running at you with a massive grin and if you are lucky with give you a little ‘roo’ too!  She is a funny girl.

This girl loves to play with you and soft toys, she just loves running around and having fun, what more could you ask for!

Topaz is housetrained and used to everyday noises in and around the home.  She shows no fear of washing machine, dishwasher, hoover, car/motor bike engines starting and other familiar sounds.

Our gorgeous girl lives alongside 9 other greyhounds both girls and boys, she gets on well with them all.   Topaz enjoys the sofa and sleeping next to another greyhound.

This girl does LOVE her food!  Topaz prefers a smaller breakfast, some tasty treat for lunch and then a larger meal in the evening where she will always give you a shiny bowl.  Topaz loves the kitchen so watch out for any tasty treats on the side, as they won’t stay there long with this girl around!

She enjoys her car rides, knowing she is going to have a nice walk somewhere.  Topaz can easily jump in and out of the car, ready for her new adventures with her human friends.

Topaz enjoys going out for her walks, she can walk nicely on a lead when she wears a Canny collar, she can be a little strong if walking on a normal greyhound collar. She will prick her ears up when watching other dogs play, sometimes wanting to join in the chase, Topaz does listen to her handler and will stop when asked to.

After all the excitement of being out and about, she will settle down next to you for some quiet time and a stroke from her favourite people, she may even give you a roach!

Topaz has been tested with other breeds and has shown us no cause for concern with dogs of medium size and above.  She now needs to learn how to greet smaller dogs in a positive way, although she is learning fast and improving these skills weekly.  Topaz could be left for a few hours at a time but we would prefer this to be kept to no more than 4 hours due to her age and character.

She could live with children over the age of 10 years.

This little lass won’t be with us long so contact us to arrange a viewing, you will not be disappointed with our beautiful Topaz!

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