Sprite Has Been Homed


Sprite has been homed – 27.9.20.

Sprite is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, she arrived with us on the 17th of September 2020 and she was born on 27th July 2015.

She is a very friendly, confident lady.

Sprite is a girl with style, she is white and blue and very inquisitive.

She enjoys going out for her walks, she can stand nicely whilst waiting for her lead to be put on and will then walk nicely on the lead whilst out and about.  Days out in the car, she loves and will happily get in, in her dainty high jump fashion!

The girl, wants to please her owner, she just loves to be with people but can be quiet and enjoys her own space too.

She has met other breeds of dog and made friends quite easily with them, she now needs an owner who can continue the socialisation process with her, introducing her to breeds of all sizes in a controlled manner.

Sprite could live with children, who are able to follow instruction to remain safe around dogs.  She could live with another dog or on her own and would be fine to be left for a few hours whilst somebody worked.

This playful girl is starting to learn the fun she can have with toys, she will chase after one thrown but is not quite sure what to do when it lands!  Sprite loves to play bow with you and best of all chase after you.  After all that running around, she will seek out her human friend for a snuggle and a cuddle.

Sprite is a girl that knows where the food comes from, if a door is not shut properly then she will be in looking at what is on the counter surfaces!  She is very dainty at jumping up and she will even attempt it when someone else is in the kitchen!  This doggie dustpin enjoys her food, occasionally you may find she has left a biscuit for her human friend to enjoy!  Sprite understands where the doggie treats are kept and will wait by the tin at certain times of the day, starring at it for someone to take pity on her and give her one or two!  The girl certainly knows who to charm!

We will continue to update her page, with new information, as we learn more about her too.

Sprite has not been cat tested yet and will be in due course.

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