Woody Has Been Homed



Woody has been homed.

He is a tall, confident and energetic white and black, castrated male who was born in December 2009.

Woody is sharing his foster home with four other greyhounds, three foster brothers and one foster sister.  He is a gentle boy who loves to cuddle up with another greyhound or relax on his own on a bed or sofa.  Woody also loves his cuddles with human companions, he will gently rest his head on you while you are stroking him.

Woody trying to squeeze into an arm chair.

Woody trying to squeeze into an arm chair.

Woody loves going out in the car for his outings, he jumps in nicely and will settle down well with his friends ready for their next adventure.

Woody walks nicely on a lead most of the time, but he can be harder to handle when he sees something chase worthy, however he responds positively to correction which enables him to walk past most dogs without too much pulling of the lead.  Woody is walked on a Canny Collar to help control him more easily when walking with other dogs.

Woody is attending dog training classes to improve his socialisation with other breeds of dog.  He can get quite excitable around smaller breeds that are bouncy or puppies, he is responding well to his training but it will be a while yet before he accepts smaller breeds as friends.  Woody has learnt his name and will come to command, he is also learning to fetch and will bring his toy back to you allowing you to retrieve the toy from his mouth.  He is also learning some other basic commands too.


Woody loves to play, he will play with thrown toys, especially squeaky ones, balls of all sizes and anything cuddly.  His favourite trick is to throw them up in the air and wait for them to land before throwing again!  He is also a bit of a magpie, Woody will collect toys from around the house and pile them up on his bed as if to hide them from his friends!  His other favourite game is to play ‘chase me’ with his foster brother Reggie.  Woody will run round and round in circles with Reggie hot on his tail, when Woody stops Reggie starts the game again and it will keep going until both boys have tired each other out.

Woody enjoys his meals, he will give you a clean bowl at every meal time.  He will wait patiently until his fellow friends have finished and if allowed will finish any remains in their bowls too!  Woody is very gentle when taking treats from your hand, he will wait until it is his turn before taking his treat from you.

Woody would be suitable an only pet where someone is around a good part of the day as he can get anxious if he is left alone otherwise he’d be happy as a companion to another dog/bitch of large or medium size.  Woody is happy to be left with other dog companions for 5 hours at a time.

Woody sharing a bed with one of his friends.

Woody sharing a bed with one of his friends.

He’d be fine around children aged 10 years and over.  Woody can get excitable at walk time and although he doesn’t jump up at people may knock a smaller child over as he is quite tall.  Woody loves to run however his downside is that he is not very good at avoiding you, hold on tight if you are calling him to come!

Woody is fine walking on tiled, laminate and carpeted flooring, he can also climb stairs with ease and he is also fully house trained.

No cats please or small fluffies.

Woody is a very loveable lad who is keen to find his forever home.  Could it be yours?

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