Opal is in foster care in Southampton, Hampshire, she arrived in our care on 2nd February 2024 and she was born in July 2020.

This petit girl is a gentle one, who loves being around her special friends once she has built that bond with you.  She will greet you with a waggy tail and a gentle cuddle.

Opal is housetrained and used to living with other greyhounds, she needs more training around smaller breeds of dog before she is going to make friends with them.

This little girl is a real sweetie, she understands the rules of the house.  Opal is quiet at night and also when she is left for a few hours.  You will always get a happy, welcome home from Opal!

This lass loves going out for walks, she may be small but she certainly has some strength, she would certainly pull you up any hill!  Opal is a fast learner and listens to her handler who once corrected will walk nicely.  This will of course improve over time, with training.  Opal enjoys her rides in the car, will jump in nicely and settles down once your journey starts.

As Opal settles in with us, we will update her description with more about her lovely character.

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