Elvis Has Passed to Rainbow Bridge

Elvis: 12.07.04 – 30.04.18

Elvis will be greatly missed by Carol, Zara, Cleo, Hammy and all that knew him.  We have all been left with a huge hole.  Elvis was such a dear companion, loyal friend, gentle soul and intelligent boy who loved everyone.  He had a grand role to play at Greyhound Lifeline and we relied on him to complete many home checks, he took Carol along with him and taught her what to look out for!  Elvis was always given a high level of praise for his work and families were always very keen to adopt once he had made his visits.  He will always be remembered for his role, in finding suitable homes for so many greyhounds.

Carol and many of us have so many found memories of the ‘Good Old Days’ which we will treasure but sadly we have had to say goodbye to a dear friend.

Run Free Dear Elvis, go and find your friends at Rainbow Bridge.




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