Canny Collar

Canny Collar – Highly recommended by Greyhound Lifeline.

A Canny Collar makes walking a strong or acrobatic dog much easier and in our experience if it has been correctly fitted one of these is also escape proof. Most other head collars and harnesses are not escape proof when worm by a fearful or determined dog.

We also recommend that a Halti link is used in conduction with this product to give added security and prevent your clip lead from becoming detached. Halti link are available separately.

Canny Collars come with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee!

Normally stocked in a size 2 (fits most greyhounds) and a size 3 (fits particularly large greyhounds).

Normally stocked in black, red and royal blue although pink is also available on occasion by pre-order only.

Price on application only for this item.

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