Greyhound Homing

Greyhound Homing

If you take me home I promise I will be,
A faithful, loving, lazy friend also great company.
I love the odd meal of fish, pilchards or sardines,
And I must admit I do love to eat my greens!

I’m also rather partial to cheese, pasta and rice,
I do love my food, it all tastes so very nice.
I promise to spend most of the day asleep,
If i’m allowed on the sofa, it shall be mine to keep.

Some of your possessions may just go astray,
Not chewed or destroyed, in my bed they will stay.
I require a raised food bowl, not much more,
A nice warm coat for when it’s cold out the door.

Not forgetting love, hugs, comfort, the odd kiss
Also stroking me I am told is just bliss.
I love a belly rub, or a tickle on my chin,
OK, you can take me home, I give in, you win.

Author: Tracy Errington

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