Trained - Not Loved

Trained – Not Loved

I thought I mattered, thought you did care,
But there was no love from you to share.
You raced me and were happy if i won,
Gave me a treat, a game, some fun.
I thought I was owned by you, not just trained
Mistook the kennel for the home I thought I gained.
Shut in a cage for so many hours a day
This was my life. Was I really happy that way?
I no longer make you money so I must go,
I am forced to leave everything that I know.
Will you ever think of me in the days to come?
Perhaps just my victories, the races I had won?
Because of the diet you fed, my gums are so sore
Lots of teeth to come out, rotten forever more
Do you care that you were the cause?
Of the fact I have so few teeth left in my jaws?
What exactly was I? What did I mean?
Was I just purely a money making machine?
Now I am at the kennels awaiting a home
I know now what love is, affection has been shown.
The life I lived before with you was a fake
All I did was give. All you did was take.
Now at last I know care, what it means to be
Much more than the gamblers bet you made me!

Author: Tracy Errington

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