Four New Black Greyhounds Arrive for Homing

Four new arrivals have joined us over three days! All four of our new arrivals are beautiful, black dogs and bitches! We look forward to getting to know these newcomers over the coming weeks.

Three much loved hounds have moved on to begin their new lives with families of their very own over the same period. They are Matty, Rosie and Pippa. Omaha too has left the kennels, but not our care. He’s gone into foster care where he’s doing well and sharing life with a lively Cocker Spaniel.

Greyhounds homed in August:

Matty, Pippa, Rosie, Jewel, Cloud,  Lady and Bizzle were adopted during August.

Addendum 09/09/12:

Patrick is the first lucky greyhound to head home in September and we have updated the descriptions on site for Niki, Farrah, Bolt, Bailey and Tori.

Reserved Greyhounds:

Ainslie and Jimi are reserved.

New Greyhound Arrivals:

Some of you may have noticed that our more recent newcomers have been named after an Olympic theme. We wanted to acknowledge the achievements of our UK Olympiads and naming our new greyhound arrivals after them seemed an appropriate way to do that. Greyhounds are athletes in the canine world so this week we welcomed Bailey, Farrah, Bolt and Tori (short for Victoria).

Bailey greyhound black

Recent arrival Bailey.

Homed reports:

Pippa headed home on Friday to begin her new life. She’s doing well and will settle in for a few weeks as an only dog before Ainslie will head off to join her as her companion.

Rosie, after a very long wait for her home (and we never did understand why it took so long) finally headed off to start her new life this week as well. She has a new playmate in the form of a young lad and is loving every moment we hear.

Matty greyhound in bed

Matty is settling well into his new home as you can see here. He’s behaved very well, is learning the house rules and not left any “presents” (yet) either. New mum and dad think the world of him already. That is one soft bed, but apparently his mum thinks it’s too small and that he needs a bigger one. We think a certain dog is going to be seriously spoiled!

Jewel, who was re-homed recently and who is now called Gem has settled beautifully in her new home with her lovely companion Olly the Collie and her human family too of course.

Bizzle (now Bran) is a much loved part of his new family too. He’s doing well with training and having some lovely walks along the beach. He’s had stops at the butchers shop for some liver treats and stops at the charity shop to select some new toys. Sounds like a thoroughly wonderful life for a greyhound to us.

Lady we have regular updates on and her companion Star too. Those of you that watch our  Greyhound Lifeline Facebook page can see just how well those two are doing as Mum is a regular contributor of photos and videos of the pair.

Cloud too has landed on her paws, a very happy girl who sleeps beside mum’s bed and enjoys lots of playtime with her large selection of toys as well.

Updated greyhound descriptions:

Blue has a newly updated description following a recent day out.

New Greyhound Blog:

Sue has a new Greyhound Blog on site. Sue’s greyhounds have acquired a distinct connection to a certain fast food chain nowadays! Have a read and enjoy.

Thank You:

Thank you to everyone who has donated items to us, especially recently. We’ve been overwhelmed by your generosity yet again!

Some Light Relief:

James, who adopted Cody as companion to Spencer the terrier not long ago posted this on our Facebook page recently and we thought you might like to see it: “Hello everyone! Hmmmm!! Spencer has taken to digging holes everywhere yesterday and Cody decided to get up in the middle of the night and have a GIANT poop! So I’ve decided to rename them “DIGGER and DUMPER!!”

Pet Blood Bank:

We are very pleased to announce that our next scheduled canine blood donor session on Sunday September 16th is now fully booked! Thank you to everyone who has booked appointments it’s fantastic news for critically ill dogs everywhere.

If you didn’t manage to get an appointment this time then please still call Pet Blood Bank on 01509 232 222. They hold sessions Nationwide and there may be another session not far from you that is still in desperate need of donors.

If you are coming along to our kennels on September 16th then please bring your wallet/purse along with you. We hope to tempt you into purchasing some home made jams, pickles and/or cakes to help support the greyhounds in our care.

New Photo Gallery:

In order to remember the greyhounds that we have known, but whom are no longer with us we have set up a new photo gallery titled “In Memory“. (Please note that greyhounds who have passed away (that we know about) and who do not appear in this gallery can be found in our Archive Greyhound Lifeline Photo Galleries.

Updated Team Page:

We’ve finally caught up with the recent staff changes and the Greyhound Lifeline Team page has now been amended accordingly. Apologies for the “interesting” layout near the bottom of the page – editor in training still as explained below.

We’d like to thank Kev of Multilayer Design for his patience in trying to teach Marie how to set up new aspects of this web site (new galleries and the team page being a problem area for Marie currently). It’s no easy task teaching a technophobe!

Our Latest Appeal:

Our latest appeal is for balls of wool. New or part used, it doesn’t matter. Penny needs your wool donations so that she can knit small hand made items to sell. If you have any wool hidden away that you know longer need please donate it to us and we’ll use it to fundraise for our greyhounds.

Stock Needed:

With the summer show, fair and fete season upon us we are still in desperate need of all sorts of saleable items to stock our various fundraising stalls.

We need small items suitable as tombola prizes (e.g., stationery, smellies, small toys), larger items are also desperately needed to sell on car boot stalls, bric a brac stalls or even ebay.

What do we want? Anything (except for clothing, food items, audio tapes and video tapes) that is in good condition, looks as new and that is complete and not broken.  We’ve sold dogs bowls, ornaments, stair gates, gift boxed unwanted Christmas presents, board games etc, books, DVDs, CDs, art supplies, kitchen items and all sorts of other things too). Please have a look around your home, do you have anything that you’d be willing to donate?

Open Day Photographs:

Photographs from our Kennel Open Day in May are on site for you to view.

Jam Jar Appeal:

We need more empty jam jars with lids please. Anyone that comes to the kennels occasionally, please ask your friends and neighbours to collect them too. We are very low on 1lb jars especially. This means that Penny and Adrian won’t be able to make much more home made jams or pickles for us to sell until we get more jars for them to use.

Looking to adopt a greyhound?

Please visit our Greyhounds Needing Homes Gallery to see details of all our available greyhounds.

Ben the greyhound
The lovely Ben is still waiting for his home offer. Could he be for you?

We Still Need Foster Homes – Can you help?

If you think you might be able to foster a greyhound then please read our Greyhound Fostering Information page.

Sponsored Slim:

Fiona Selby is aiming to lose 2 stone in weight and has offered to raise sponsorship for Greyhound Lifeline through her efforts. Her local Weigh Watchers group in Northamptonshire will verify whether or not she succeeds and/or how much she manages to lose.

If you’d like to offer Fiona some incentive to succeed and help raise funds for us at the same time then please email us at giving your name and address (including postcode) and details of how much you wish to sponsor either in total and we’ll fill in the form for you.

Those of you who pay UK tax please let us know whether you agree or not to us claiming Gift Aid on on your sponsorship to increase the amount we receive at no additional cost to you.

Fundraise for us using eBay

You can now sell items on ebay and choose to donate between 10% and 100% of your sale price to Greyhound Lifeline. If you are an ebay member you could also simply donate by using your Paypal account. For ebay members only please visit their Sell for Charity page and enter “Greyhound Lifeline” in the Charity name area.

If you are a UK tax payer please also tick the Gift Aid box. Please read ebay’s terms and conditions carefully as we cannot be held responsible for any problems you may encounter. Could you sell your unwanted items and help us to buy food, provide veterinary care and generally look after the greyhounds in our care at the same time?

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