Adopt Snoopy the Greyhound as Your Pet


Snoopy is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire.

He is a medium sized, affectionate, happy, male who was born on 1st May 2012.

Snoopy is a bouncing Tigger and can get very excited around walking time.  An owner who has some patience is needed for this young man.

He generally walks nicely on a lead. Snoopy is very happy to jump into the car for his outings and he settles down quickly.

Snoopy is a happy chappy who loves to be outside enjoying all the new smells and sights he could be homed to a family with older children where someone is home for most of the day.  Snoopy is developing a liking for toys.

He has progressed well with his other breed training and he gives us no cause for concern around dogs of any size once correctly introduced to them.

No cats please.

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