Airi Has Been Homed


Airi has been homed – 9.1.22.

Airi is in kennels near Fleet, Hampshire, she arrived with us on the 6th January 2022 and she was born on the 21st June 2019.

She has unfortunately been returned into our care after spending a few month in a home environment, as a homed greyhound.  Our sweet, loving Airi enjoyed home life and we hope we can find her true home fairly quickly so she doesn’t have to spend too much time, back in a kennel environment.

Airi has been returned, due to human circumstances, she is confused currently and we are trying to reduce this with lots of stimulation.

Can you help us?  Is she the dog for you?

Airi is a friendly, confident, large, young female who just wants to be loved.

She loves to play, with you, on her own or with a canine friend, she is a real delight!

She is a young girl and would rather play than run around a race track!  She adores toys and this is at the top of her family checklist – plenty of them!  Airi is able to amuse herself with them but also enjoys playing with her human friends.

Airi enjoys running after thrown toys and then she will pick them up and throw them into the air herself, she’s quite a funny girl to watch!

She is very young to be in a rehoming centre, with her long life ahead of her.  Are you looking for a gorgeous young/puppy like greyhound to join your family?  This lass will not let you down!

Airi is stunning to look at, with her silky black coat and those long legs.  From the time she greets you in the morning and until bedtime she has always got a huge smile on her face, never a sad day with her around.  How could you resist not falling in love with her?!

She loves the outdoors, sniffing new places and taking in that fresh air.  Airi loves her walks and would be a good companion for someone who enjoys walking, running or someone who just enjoys exploring new places.

Airi enjoys her food and will take treats gently from your hand, she can get easily distracted when eating her meals so a nice quiet spot is needed for this inquisitive girl.

This girl has met our small doggie friend Chloe and is beginning to accept her as a friend.  During her short stay in a home environment meant she met lots of different dogs, on her daily walks.  Her social skills have improved and she does enjoy saying hello to some familiar, friendly faces.

Her new owner will now need to continue her positive progress to ensure she keeps on improving, she does need a confident owner who will ‘show her the way’ and will be the ‘boss of her’!

Airi saying hello to Chloe.

With careful introductions and time to get to know another breed, we feel Airi would enjoy another dogs company but also could be an only dog if she was only going to be left for short periods of time.

Airi could live with an adult only family or one with teenagers, however she can be jumpy when excited so we are looking for a family who are used to being around dogs of her size.

Being young Airi can be a bit of a rebel and try to push the boundaries, seeing what she can get away with!  Her family need to ensure there are boundaries in place for her and that all members of the family stick to those rules.  We would recommend a crate/safe area for Airi so she understands this is her ‘safe space’, which will help again with those boundaries that she craves, in order for her to blossom.

The rebel inside her can look funny at times, but this is her trying to push a few boundaries and find out who is ‘easier to get around’.  Airi may not show this side until she is truly settled or she may show a small bit every so often, be prepared for them!  Having rules/boundaries in place are just want any dog should have.  They will certainly allow Airi to succeed, this will in turn be very rewarding, with time she will become a fantastic pet and you certainly will not look back!

This girl is not one to be missed, give our adoption line a call to book an appointment.

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