Archie Has Been Homed


Archie has been homed – 27.5.24

Archie is in foster care near Southampton, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 20th March 2024 and he was born on the 6th of December 2020.

He is a friendly, affectionate, white and black lad who is looking for his own family.

Archie enjoys being outside, on the go and around people, no sad day with this boy around!  He is a gentle soul, who is so ready for his own sofa!  Archie loves his toys and after some excitement with his human friends would be quite happy having a long nap, in his bed, surrounded by his toys!

Archie can sit!

He can get into a car by himself and travels well, laying down whilst you are driving.

This chap loves his walks, takes everything in that he sees and loves watching other dogs playing, hoping he will be able to join in too.  Archie walks nicely on the lead, just enjoying life and exploring new places with his humans.  What better way to relax after a walk but to have a quick dip in a pool, even if it is a little dirty!

Archie could be homed to a family with children over the age of 8 years, he could also be homed with another dog if careful introduction were carried out first.

His favourite time of day is feeding time, cuddles and toys are a joint second!  This boy certainly loves his food.

Archie is only 3 years old, he loves being out and about but also just loves pottering around in the garden, finding new places to play and investigate.  This lad loves sand and after a ‘lets dig to Australia moment’ what better way to relax then cool down in a bucket of water.  Archie hasn’t learnt yet that the water is for drinking and not putting his feet into!

Archie looking pleased for himself with how dirty he is after laying in the dirty water!

This friendly lad is nearly house trained, quiet when left and is able to walk on all floor surfaces.  Archie has taken to home life so quickly and just LOVES IT!

This cheeky chap has met a range of other breeds of dog, he can say ‘hello’ to them in a positive manner.  Archie can get excited if they are running around, as he just wants to join in and have fun!  When all the excitement is over, Archie will calm too and greets them all with a waggy tail and let’s start playing again attitude!

Archie would love to find his new family, could it be yours?  Make his day, ask for a viewing and fall in love with him, just like we all have!

No cats please.

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