Bobby (4 legs) Has Been Homed


Bobby black male profile

Bobby has been homed.

He is a friendly, playful and fun black male who was born in July 2009.

Bobby can be very strong on the lead, but only if his handler allows it. Be firm and let him know that you are in charge and he generally walks along nicely, just needing the occasional reminder to mind his manners. Having said that, a physically strong handler is still required as Bobby has a naturally keen chase instinct, passing wildlife therefore is capable of turning him into a muscle bound acrobat!

A cuddly, affectionate and licky chap who has already shown us that he’ll retrieve a thrown soft toy. This lad is a smiler, he likes to greet us in the morning with a toothy smile and a wrinkled nose! The best greyhound grin that we’ve had at the kennels to date!

Bobby black male greyhound

Bobby has met other breeds of dog and given us no concern around medium to large breeds. He does however need more socialisation and corrective training before he’ll be able to fully accept smaller dogs, especially running ones.

Best suited to someone who is familiar with re-training a keen chase instinct. Not suitable for first time/novice dog owners unless determined to succeed and professional behaviour help will be sought if progree is not made alone.

If Bobby is adopted close to the Fleet area we are happy to pay for a couple of behaviour sessions to help you and he get off to a good and positive start.

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