Bumble Has Been Homed


Bumble has been homed – 2.1.22.

Bumble is in foster care near Fleet, Hampshire, he arrived with us on the 24th September 2021 and he was born on the 12th July 2018.

Bumble has a brother called Bee that we homed recently.  Bumble would love a canine friend to live with, in his new home. 

Bumble can be timid of new people but once he has got to know you, his real character comes alive!  He is going to need time to settle in to his new routine and family.  His new family need to be understanding of his needs and to not have, too high expectations too early on.  His new family also need to be rest assured that this boy is one that they ‘really want to adopt’, with his fantastic character that he shares with people, once that special bond has been made!

Bumble has a stunning appearance and a gorgeous character to go with it!

This lad has made good friends with the kennel hands that he sees daily and will greet them with a big waggy tail, a ‘lets play’ smile and even a play bow if you are lucky too! He just needs a little time and patience as once he trusts you, a loving boy comes out of his shell and you will not believe that it is the same dog!

He is quite quiet within his kennel but enjoys time out in the yard with a greyhound friend, whom he can run around with and play ‘catch me!’  This lad would need to be homed with another dog in the house, this will encourage him to become settled and build his confidence up too.

Bumble is used to sharing a kennel/bed, he used to share a kennel with his brother.  This lad is not dominant so could share with a female or male companion if the right home/dog came along.  We are also looking for a family who have some experience with training nervous dogs.  If you are interested in homing him and you do not have this experience, please still make contact so we can discuss his particular needs with you.

We would ask for a quiet home with no young children, Bumble could live with older teenagers.

He loves his outings, travels well and is always very keen to get into the car, unaided. This boy can walk nicely on a lead and enjoys going out for his walks however if he is spooked by a noise in the bushes, car or motorbike Bumble can get anxious.  It is these times he needs a confident owner and one that will show him how to react in those situations.  Bumble’s confidence has already grown whilst being in our care so we are confident that this will continue to develop once he has found his new family.

Bumble has shown he can be sociable with other breeds, if correct socialisation is carried out.  He enjoys meeting Chloe (small training dog) and loves racing around the yard with her.

He enjoys being outside, either going out for walks or just stretching his legs in an enclosed area.

There is a lot for Bumble to learn about the outside world, with time and a confident owner he will learn and his true character will shine.  Bumble will not show his true colours in a viewing, he needs to learn to trust his human friends, before he becomes more confident around them.  Poor Bumble might be overlooked because of this, he would love to have a viewing and a home, just like his other friends.

Bumble on the right.

Bumble enjoys a good game of chase, with his soft toys, he will sometimes pick them up whilst he is running around at top speed!

This lad is now showing his true love for toys in his kennel too, he may stop though if he knows you are watching him.  He really is a funny lad!

This lad needs time to settle into a home and an owner who is confident.  They need to spend time with Bumble earning his trust and giving him space to develop his character.  Any owner who takes on this lad will not look back.  Once Bumble has become more confident he is such a loving boy who just wants his own home.  In just a few weeks of being in our care, his confidence has grown massively around people he knows well.

We will continue to support Bumble and his new family once he has been homed, with training and contact to ensure that everyone’s needs can be met.

Call the adoption line and come and meet Bumble – what a fantastic lad he is!

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